Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Surya Eco Yoga Camp

In July I attended the Surya Eco Yoga Camp, near Falmouth in Cornwall as a workshop leader.  It was the first time that I had really lived in the van and am even more delighted with it now than I was before.  It was most comfortable for living in for a week and is so easy and comfortable to drive that I find I do not get so tired on long journeys.

I think it would be impossible for two adults to live in just the van for any length of time—it is too small—but for one it was fine.  I left the one side of the van made up as a bed for the whole week so that I didn't have to keep fiddling with the seats.  The hob is most efficient and I enjoyed cooking meals.  The only thing that was not working was the fridge.  It would not work on the gas, only on electric, and I had no electric hookup of course at the eco camp with compost toilets and everything 'back to the land'.  Today however, I had the fridge looked at and it turns out that the only problem with it was an incorrect hose connection, so it should be fine from now on.