Thursday, 13 August 2009

A convenient vehicle

We have not had any opportunity recently to take a leisure trip in Bertie.  Life is rather full at the moment and weekends are tending to be taken up with commitments.  However through our busy time we have discovered many unexpected benefits to owning a motorhome.

One of the reasons we are so busy is that we have been doing up a house.  Bertie has been invaluable for the convenience of moving furniture out and moving other furniture in.  We have been able to transport items even as large as wardrobes.  It really is quite extraordinary how much can be packed into our bus.  We have saved a fortune in hiring removal vans and avoiding delivery charges.

Bertie has been having some problems with his windscreen wipers.  They do not return to the proper resting position which means that they overshoot in the other direction on each wipe, and this gradually gets worse.  We have been told that it is just a matter of adjusting and tightening the fitting to repair it – I hope this is true.  This is one of the problems of buying an older vehicle – there tend to be little things going wrong all the time.  Some of the curtain fittings are also coming adrift.  We are hoping that Bertie will stay basically sound through the rest of the warmer months, and then we shall work on some of the rust and other problems over the colder months.  I am looking forward to making new curtains.