Monday, 10 May 2010

Birthday delights

The van was finally returned to us on Friday.  Yesterday we did a lot of DIY shop trips to pick up all sorts of things we have not been able to collect without a van, such as pea shingle for the ground preparation for the summerhouse, boarding to floor the loft eves and storage boxes.

Today was my birthday.  Having been grounded for five weeks I really felt the need to get out into the hills and experience an expanse of sky and landscape.  Llangynidr is one of my favourite near-to-home views.  It is only 35 miles from Cardiff.  We parked at the highest point and headed off across the hills to take in the view.  It was windy and exhilarating and most definitely satisified my need for expansiveness.

Pema the Peugeot is lovely to drive - as this was our first real expedition since we had bought the van.  It is great to have a larger engine that pulls better on the hills.  Both Bertie the Talbot Express and Sky the Corsa were rather sluggish on hills.

After our walk we drove down into Brecon via Talybont-on-Usk.  The canal is very pretty here and the towpath is pleasant for walking.  Brecon was a little disappointing as hardly anything was open and there was a dearth of tearooms.
This part of Wales does seem to have very few places other than pubs for snacks and light meals - and in my opinion a pub does not hit the spot in quite the same way as a tearoom.  The atmosphere of a pub is quite different to a tearoom and does not appeal to me so much.
Eventually in Brecon we came across a gallery called Ardent Gallery in the High Street that served drinks and cake.  This was most pleasant with a delightful young lady running the place, although the pictures were rather expensive.

We then headed back to Cardiff via Briwnant Riding Stables to see our horses.  It had been a fun ride today, which we had decided not to join this time, as we have had so little opportunity to ride recently.  Then I picked up my mother and it was home for a delightful dinner prepared by my son which had been slow cooking all day, followed by cake made by my 93 year old mother.  I am now sipping sparkling wine and thinking what a most pleasant birthday it has been.